About the Festival

 “In the virtual world, where the whole world is in the palm of our hands, the International Fringe Festival in Be'er Sheva aims to create a vibrant and exciting cultural world in your home yard”.

An annual multi-disciplinary festival, which takes place the 7th year in a row, that has become the biggest cultural event in the south of Israel, and one of the leading in the country. 40 shows, and over 200 artists will take part in the three days of this years festival.

The artistic program presents a unique line of original, critical and diverse work, combining original productions, the best of fringe theatre productions , premieres that were born especially for the festival, and a selection of international shows that provide a fascinating and contemporary look at independent art.

During the festival, the audience will be able to enjoy street theater from Spain, a French street circus, Romanian dance show, and a highly acclaimed show from Austria. In addition, there will be music performances by Lola Marsh and Shafita, children's plays in the form of stage adaptation for literary classics such as The Little Prince and The Sixteenth Sheep, and street performances by local artists.

As part of a collaboration with the Goethe Institute - the Institute for the Distribution of German Language and Culture around the world, the festival will host the installation of "The Vanishing Wall".

7 different complexes, operating at the same time at the Old City; The Youth Center, 33 Hahalutz, the Fringe Theater, the Youth Center Parking, the Fringe Theater Plaza and Anielewicz Street, become a celebration of colorful and unforgettable art for the entire family.


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