Picture of Event: Naples, Brooklyn, Caesarea

Naples, Brooklyn, Caesarea

Tuesday, May 25 2021 at 20:30
Price 50 - 60 ₪

About the show

It all begins in Naples when Don Carlo, a respected and widowed businessman, wants to marry his feminist daughter Juliette,

But she does not want anyone, and no one wants her ...

Until one morning Salvatore Arazi, a hypochondriac insurance agent, knocks on the door with a proposal of marriage.

The Don will not let this opportunity slip away.

And then a lot of problems begin: the vow he made to his late wife, Salvatore's twin brother, who arrives suddenly,

A mess!

The story that began in Naples continues to change the cloak in Brooklyn, and ends in the present in Caesarea "development".

But will you be at the end of a wedding ?!

Duration: 70 minutes.




Writer and director: Yoav Michaeli.

"Ayit" ensemble Actors: Kobby Aderet, Oren Atias, reut Gil, Dani Shapira, Roi Gur, Itzik Menasherov, Avichay Cohen.

Filmed actress: Tzahala Michaeli.

Lighting: Uri Morag.

Costume design: Dalit Inbar.

Video-art: Eli Levy

Photo credit: Sally Petel

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